3 Affordable iPhone Desk Mounts

When using your iPhone as a webcam, either via Appleā€™s Continuity Camera feature in iOS 16, or a third party app alternative, it can be a good idea to get a proper mount.

Here are the top 3 mounts that I feel meet the following requirements:

  • Be sturdy, so that your iPhone does not fall down during use.
  • Be easy to install whenever needed.
  • Be height adjustable, so that you can achieve a good camera angle.
  • Have sufficient quality.
  • Be resonably priced.

The mounts each have a different attachment design, allowing you to choose the solution that fits your setup the best. I have included Amazon links* for each product.

Gooseneck Mount


The Gooseneck mount is probably the one I would recommend to most people due to its compact design, great adjustment options, and wide range of clamping locations. Just make sure that you are attaching it to a sturdy surface, because vibrations have a tendency of propagating through the mount, which may result in a shaky video.


  • Compact and discrete.
  • Can be attached to many surfaces in different orientations.
  • Very precise adjustment possible.


  • Can shake if your desk is not sturdy enough.
  • Can be a bit annoying to adjust it to your liking.

Tripod Stand


The Tripod mount is the sturdiest of the three which is good if you require perfect video quality. However, due to its bulky design, your placement options may be limited, which could result in a suboptimal camera angle. On the plus side, due to its long legs, you have the option of placing it on the floor as well.


  • Very sturdy with minimal shaking.
  • It can be placed on the floor behind, or beside, your desk, giving you further placement options.
  • Multi-purpose, bring it with you and stream on-the-go.


  • Very bulky and takes up a significant amount of space if placed on your desk.
  • Can tip over if you accidentaly hit it since it is not clamped to your desk.

Articulating Arm


The Articulating arm is a good all-round option. It does not provide as precise adjustment as the Gooseneck, but it is much quicker to adjust, meaning that you can pull it towards you whenever needed. It is has a slimmer design than the Tripod, so you may be able to achieve better camera angles.


  • Practical design.


  • Not very sturdy when fully extended.
  • Due to its weight, it should ideally be clamped to a solid table.
  • The desk clamp can bend if overtightened, so be careful.

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